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A step in the right direction 

Most of us have concerns about what we’re doing right now and what could happen in the future: Am I spending enough quality time with my family? Are the long hours and stress worth it? Do I need to earn more to maintain my current lifestyle? What will happen in the future?
With the right impartial guidance you will be able to look forward to the time ahead and know what to expect. Take steps now so you won’t find yourself asking the same questions in ten years time.

Freedom to enjoy life

Life isn’t just about money – but, like it or not, it does play a role in making life happen the way you want. You might want to spend more time with loved ones or start ticking off some of the things on your ‘must do’ list. It’s important to know you will be able to afford the lifestyle you want.  When you know exactly what you can expect from your financial future you can concentrate on the things that really matter to you. Financial independence gives you security, choice and confidence.

Take control of your future

It’s never too late to start planning for your future. Whether retirement is a long way away or in the next few years we can help. We’ll work together with you to develop a plan to make your aspirations a reality ……… for the rest of your life.  You may even be pleasantly surprised to find that you can start living your new life sooner than you think. 

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Individual Savings Accounts – Changes from the 1 July 2014

Revised Annual ISA allowance - The amount you can invest each tax year - will increase to £11,880 on 6 April. It will then rise to £15,000 from the 1 July 2014.

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Are you worried about retirement

A recent survey by Blackrock Investment Management has highlighted the concerns of people when it comes to planning for their retirement.

Funding a comfortable retirement was vitally important for most of the people surveyed, however only 41% were confident that they would have sufficient income in retirement.

The report showed that there is a massive gap between the pension goals people have and what their actual pension will provide when it comes to taking their pension income.


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Europes most dangerous products

A recent vote organised by MEP Sven Giegold, named and shamed financial products that consumers felt were the most dangerous consumers and the environment.

One of the culprits was Food speculation funds. This type of investment topped the table for financial products that were most likely to harm the environment.

Distorted price fluctuations on foods such as grain, wheat and Soya would have a detrimental impact on the poor or low paid. The possibility of people dying due to the potential price increases in food through starvation was also stated.

More information about the results can be found at www.dangerous-finance.eu

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