I hate my job but cant retire

I can't Retire

David is a successful business owner of a small industrial manufacturing firm. He is married with two grown up children that live some distance away.

His wife Margaret wanted David to retire. Due to pressures at work his health had been suffering. The industry he works in has changed over the last five years, and although he earns a good living, he does not enjoy his work anymore. David has over time confirmed that he hates his job and cannot wait to retire. However David was concerned whether they had enough money to retire and maintain their standard of living.

After meeting Graham and talking about what they wanted out of life and in retirement, they agreed that Graham should help them develop a financial plan.

Margaret and David wanted to be sure that they could maintain their standard of living and not run out of money.

Graham showed them that they would be able to maintain their lifestyle if the made certain changes to their finances. The plan included a review of their income and expenditure, how this would change over time and the level of return they would require on their investments and pensions to ensure they did not have to worry about future money problems.

David and Margaret in fact needed to take less risk than they initially thought. They were now confident that they even if they could not sell the business they would still be financially independent.

David is still working, but now knows that he has the choice to retire if he wants to without worries.
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