Maintain my lifestyle and help family

Maintain my Lifestyle

Andrew and Linda contacted Graham as they were unhappy with the advice they had received from their previous adviser.

They were concerned about their finances, particularly their investments. They had no financial plan and they realised that an urgent review was required.

Andrew and Linda discussed at length with Graham what was important to them and their family.

They both agreed that their concerns were to make sure they did not run out of money before they passed away. To maintain their lifestyle and to help their children now rather than leaving everything to them when they died. They also had worries about the amount of inheritance tax their children might have pay in the future.

We prepared a comprehensive financial plan that showed Andrew and Linda what changes needed to be made to their finances.
This included a detailed forecast of how much money they would need to last them the rest of their lives. A reduction in the level of risk they were taking with their investments and to make substantial gifts to their children now rather than waiting.

It took a number of months and more meetings to set up everything up. Their plan is continually reviewed and make sure it stays on track. Andrew and Linda have also been able to help their grandchildren by setting up a family trust for them.

They now feel safe and secure about their own situation, whilst their family is benefiting from the whole financial planning experience. They have also reduced the amount of inheritance tax that might be paid at some point in the future.
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