Financial Plan

Your Financial Plan

If you’re successful in business, you’re trusted and respected.

But expectations are high too, and sometimes it can be easy to forget that senior executives and business owners are people too, with their own aspirations, plans and dreams. The more successful you are, the less the ‘real you’ has a chance to take back control of things, thanks to the demands placed upon you. You may find you end up being time-poor, with an imbalance in your work/life relationship that can leave you struggling. That’s where we can help.

Lifestyle Planning

At Consilium we never forget that whatever your role, you’re a human being too. So our Lifestyle Financial Planning Programme helps you get back control by working with you to  save you time and develop short, medium and long-term strategies that will guarantee a secure financial future. We help you to create, plan and execute  a plan that is specifically for you and your family.

Creating “good plan” will help you achieve your goals both from a business planning perspective and in your personal life, allowing you to regain that balance you’ve been missing.

Retirement Options

Our financial experts can work with you to establish a medium term plan if you’re planning to retire within the next ten years. Our pension advice is clear, precise and impartial, and our personal investment plans are balanced between active and passive investments, allowing you to minimise your risk exposure and maximise your financial future, no matter where that journey takes you.

The next stage of your journey

For years you’ve focused on the needs of your business, including your employees and your business partners. Now it’s time to start thinking about your own needs and ambitions, and where the next stage of your life journey will take you. Make sure you can set out on that journey with the peace of mind that your finances are in order, and that you and your family can enjoy the next step along the road.