More time with my family

More time with my family

Gary worked for a large telecommunications company. He was successful and held a position within senior management.

Gary was not happy. He felt he was not spending enough time with his family and friends. Work seemed to dominate his whole life with late nights and early starts. The pressures of work were also affecting his family life.

After more than twenty five years with the same employer, he felt it was time to review his life and priorities.

He had recently inherited an amount of money as his mother and father had both passed away.

Gary felt trapped and although he wanted a better lifestyle, he could not see a way to change it, especially his job. He was concerned about leaving his employer. The benefits he was entitled to were generous and he was also worried about a potential drop in his income.

Gary and his wife agreed to work with Graham to help develop a long term plan. Graham carried out an in depth review of the current situation. He also took into account the type of lifestyle Gary and his wife wanted now and in the future. Gary was re-assured that he could change his job, become self-employed on a consultancy basis and still have the life that they both wanted.

By having a long term financial plan, Gary now has the quality of life that he and his wife both wanted. They feel confident they can have the life they want not just now but also in the future.
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