Our Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy

Our role as your financial planner is not to guarantee future returns or to try and second guess which investments will perform best – after all, we don t have a crystal ball. Our job is to use our knowledge, skill and experience to maximise the chances of you achieving your aims and objectives. We use academic evidence to build an effective investment strategy.

This is what we believe about investing:

The cost of investing is one of a number of important factors in meeting your goals and objectives. Active fund managers on average fail to outperform their benchmark on a consistent basis.
It’s important to invest your money to meet your goals, not simply speculate on the latest trends. Latest fads for investing are just fads and it is important not to follow the crowd.
Many financial advisers believe they can continually pick the best funds. This is difficult if not impossible to achieve on a continual basis.
Understanding your current investments and the issues of risk will help you meet your long term plans. Investment markets are efficient. Long term, investors are rewarded for the level of risk they take whilst invested.
Follow common sense rules. Long Term, smaller stocks perform better than larger stocks; low priced stocks perform better than high priced stocks; profitable companies perform better than unprofitable ones.
Controlling the level of risk, you are prepared to accept is key to your success and having a diversified investment portfolio is essential to controlling risk.
Reviewing your investments on a regular basis is vitally important. A strong discipline and process to investing is required. A global approach to investing should be adopted.
Trying to pick the best time to buy and sell investments is impossible to get right all the time. For investing a buy and hold strategy is the most effective option as trying to time market highs and lows does not benefit investors over the long term.
Recommending investments that have guarantees comes at a cost. Whilst the guarantee offers some peace of mind the cost often impacts on the returns you can get.
Most clients prefer to use investments that are not complicated and difficult to understand
Although we can give advice on a wide range of investments, we have found many of our clients have similar goals, objectives and risk profiles. We continually conduct research for suitable investments and products.

Our Investment Policy Statement covers things in more depth if you prefer.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. The value of your investment is not guaranteed and on encashment you may not get back the full amount invested.
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